Monday, 24 January 2022

Dear students and staff. 

We are all aware of the shock and the hurt that has been felt in our community over the last two weeks, following the murder of Ashling Murphy. On Monday 24th January, our friends in Mary Immaculate College will be holding a vigil to remember Ashling at 6 pm on their campus. It is our hope that the campus community here in UL will also mark this event and stand in solidarity with the Mary I community and all of those who have been affected by this tragic event.  We are calling on people to stand out at 6 pm (the same time as the Mary I vigil), wherever you are on the campus and shine a light (phone, torch, candle etc.) to show our support. This is not only in an effort to mark the vigil for Ashling across the city in Mary I but also as a sign of solidarity with all those who have been affected by Ashling's murder and those who want to stand up against harassment, assault and violence against women. Harassment, assault and violence against women will never be condoned by the UL community and we will continue to work to end these issues on our campus and in our community in general.