Irish Sign Language Act 2017

Section 6 and 7 of the ISL Act sets out the statutory responsibilities on public bodies. The practical elements in these sections may be summarised as follows:

  • a public body shall do all that is reasonable to ensure that interpretation into Irish Sign Language is provided for a person …when that person is seeking to avail of or access statutory entitlements or services provided by or under statute by that public body”  
  • the provision of interpretation shall be at no cost to the person concerned.
  • the provision of interpretation may be in person or may, if acceptable to the ISL user, be via a remote, web-based service.
  • Where the services of an ISL interpreter are to be procured, a public body must ensure that the interpreter accredited/verified as competent.
  • List of Irish Sign Language Interpreters.
  • Through its provision of supports and accommodations to students, the Disability Support Service has an arrangement in place for procuring an accredited interpreter for students upon request. 
  • The Ceremonies Office also makes arrangements for an interpreter to attend conferring ceremonies.
  • Further details on Irish Sign Language