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Bachelor of Laws (Evening degree programme)

Bachelor of Laws (Evening degree programme)

4 Years

Course leader:
Dr. Una Woods
Email: Tel:

Tel: 00 353 61 202015
Queries: www.ul.ie/admissions-askus


Applications closed until 2021

Why choose the Bachelor of Laws Evening Degree?

The central objective of the programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills ordinarily associated with a degree level legal education embracing legal knowledge, research ability, analytical skills, conflict resolution, conflict avoidance, critical evaluation, personal skills and legal ethics.

All law subjects required by the Irish professional bodies, the Law Society and the King’s Inns, are covered in full over the course of this pro-gramme.

It offers great flexibility as all classes are scheduled in the evening time to suit those who are working.

It is a small group with an intake of approximately 25 students.

The lecturers are given by faculty who are experts in their fields.  Study all the core law modules and choose from a wide range of electives including:

  • Law of Evidence | Labour Law | Sport and the Law | Commercial Law | Administrative Law | Jurisprudence

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Classes are scheduled to take place between the hours of 7.00 - 10.00pm three nights a week. The modules offered match the law modules provided on the daytime programmes and are usually taught by the same faculty members. Faculty at the School of Law include leading academics in their areas of expertise.

  Autumn Semester Spring Semester
YEAR 1 LA4091 Legal System and Method

LA4291 Criminal Law 1

LA4191 Contract Law 1

LA4092 Commercial Law

LA4292 Criminal Law 2

LA4192 Contract Law 2  

YEAR 2 LA4190 Constitutional Law 1

LA4690 Land Law 1

LA4390 Torts 1 

LA4062 Constitutional Law 2

LA4692 Land Law 2

LA4392 Torts 2

YEAR 3 LA4093 Law of the European Union 1

LA4190 Company Law 1

LA4890 Equity and Trusts 1 

LA4096 Law of the European Union 2

LA4912 Company Law 2

LA4892 Equity and Trusts 2

YEAR 4 Two Electives*

LA4010 Project 1 

Two Electives*

LA4908 Project 2 


The elective stream for Semester 7 and 8 will be drawn from modules on offer by the School of Law for the relevant year subject to demand and resource requirements. They may include such modules as Labour Law, Family Law, Jurisprudence, Law of Evidence, Administrative Law and Sport and the Law. Students are expected to complete a final year project on a legal topic under the supervision of a faculty member.

Applications are made directly to the Admissions Office at UL.

Career Opportunities

A legal education gives you a number of career options. You may decide to enter the legal profession as a solicitor or barrister or you may engage in further study and become an academic. These are not the only options, as a law degree will give you a rich and wide-ranging education, which is relevant to a variety of careers.  Our graduates often pursue careers in areas such as administration, government, business, finance, insurance, journalism, broadcasting, research, and diplomacy.

A law degree will provide you with lifelong skills that can be adapted to suit a multiplicity of careers.

Follow on Study

After finishing your Law degree, you may decide to stay on at University and pursue a Postgraduate Degree. The Law School at the University of Limerick offers a number of innovative and interesting postgraduate programmes:

  • LLM General
  • LLM in Human Rights in Criminal Justice
  • LLM in International Commercial Law
  • LLM by Research
  • PhD

Graduate Profile - Gerry Greaney, Evening LLB Graduate, 2013

I came to the UL School of Law as a mature student, with an established career in business and finance. I found the LLB Evening programme to be a really excellent experience covering a wide spectrum of legal areas from Criminal and Constitutional Law, to Commercial, Contract, Tort and European Law.  Without exception, each and every module covered proved to be engaging, absorbing and stimulating. Students are afforded the opportunity to explore a wide range of legal issues with lecturers who are acknowledged experts and published authors in their respective fields. The schedules and materials are ideally suited particularly for those with a busy work schedule.  I have benefitted greatly from taking the evening LLB Law degree at UL Law School. It has enhanced my own business skills and also served as an excellent foundation for the LLM masters degree programme.