President of the Postgraduate Students’ Union (PSU) - Postgraduate

Roger Dsilva, a passionate and visionary leader, and is the President of the Postgraduate Students’ Union (PSU)  for the 2023-24 academic year. Exceptionally dedicated to his work with the ability to inspire and empower the postgraduate community, Roger wants to continue contributing to the legacy of PSU and make students' lives better in UL.  Coming from a humble family, Roger’s values are shaped by the responsibilities and experiences he had working for church youth groups and several NGOs. Throughout his education, he was actively involved in student affairs, managing, and implementing events for students.  Roger is a firm believer of empowering students by amplifying the voice of each individual. ‘Effective communication is the key to many problems’, as the President of PSU, he is available to all the students coming to the office with any concerns or queries.

The University has created an inclusive environment where diversity is valued, and individual perspectives are recognized. Roger remains committed to this motto and fosters the principles of the University. Roger will actively engage with the Governing Authority, providing insights on issues affecting the students. His firsthand experience as an international postgrad student uniquely equips him to articulate the aspirations and challenges faced by students. His well-rounded perspective, coupled with a genuine commitment to the university's mission, positions Roger as an instrumental contributor to the governing authority, driving positive change and ensuring that decisions reflect the best interests of the entire student community.

By facilitating open communication channels, Roger aims to ensure that the student voices are not only heard but also integrated into the decision-making process.  Beyond his professional role, Roger is an avid traveller. He finds joy in exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and venturing on challenging treks. His personal mission is to travel to every county of Ireland, know the rich culture, remarkable history, and discover the breathtaking beauty of the country. He loves rock music and is an amateur guitarist. Roger is looking forward to being on UL’s Governing Authority during his term as PSU President.

Postal Address: Corporate Secretary’s Office, Main Office, Room A1-073, Main Building.
Phone: +353 (0)61 233 767