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Records Management

Records Management & Retention

Records Management is the application of controls over the creation, maintenance, use and disposal/archive of records which are required for the administration of University activities.

Records should be retained for as long as required to meet the legal, administrative, financial and operational requirements of the University, as recommended by the University's Records Retention Schedule, after which time they must be either destroyed or filed / archived appropriately.

The University of Limerick Records Management & Retention Policy is available to view on the UL Policy Hub.

This Policy incorporates the University's Records Retention Schedule which lists records under the following headings:

  • General Corporate / Administrative records
  • Research records
  • Faculty, Academic, Student and Graduate records
  • Finance records
  • Human Resources records
  • Classes of records held by specific University offices


Please refer to the FULL schedule as records relevant to your Division/Office/Unit may be listed in more than one section.  Please note the importance of identifying the offices with primary responsibility for records - for more information,  refer to the Records Management & Retention Policy.