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Legal Services Unit

UL Legal Services Unit provides in-house legal advice and support to the University on legal matters arising in the course of University business.  These include the following areas:

• Legislative and regulatory compliance

• Contractual agreements

• Litigation and liability matters 

• External complaint and appeal processes / dispute resolution 

• Legal issues in student related matters

• Input in development and review of UL policy and procedures 

The Legal Services Unit also provides dedicated support and advice to the Office of the Vice President for Research in the management of agreements pertaining to research and on compliance with State Aid, competition and other applicable laws.


Legal Advice - Procedure

1.    A request for legal advice is initiated by way of email request;

(i) on legal matters arising in the course of University business to the University Solicitor –

(ii)  on research related matters to the Contracts Solicitor -


2.    The email must be titled “Request for Legal Advice”.  This is to ensure that the advice will be protected by legal privilege where appropriate.


3.    The email should specify the following information:

  • A concise summary of the issue - attach all relevant documents
  • Please indicate whether the matter is urgent and time sensitive
  • Indicate if legal advice on this issue / related issue has previously been obtained (furnish if applicable).


4.    A response will be provided by email to the individual requesting the legal advice confirming receipt of the email and giving an indicative timeframe for a response.