The Act applies to all record types and can include:

  • Paper records - books, files, letters, loose papers, diaries, post-it notes, computer printouts etc
  • Electronic records - disks, CDs, e-mails, databases
  • Audio-visual records - films, videos, tape recordings
  • Photographs - maps, plans, x-rays, microfiche and microfilm

Records can be recorded or stored in any format, manual or electronic. The Act also covers drafts, parts and copies of records.

Access to Information in Records

Access to information under the Act is subject to certain exemptions. Should the University withhold information under any of the FOI exemptions, the exemption that has been invoked will be clearly explained in the decision letter to the requester.

Some of the Key Exemptions built into the FOI Act

  • Personal information (other than information directly relating to the person making the request)
  • Commercially sensitive information
  • Information supplied to the University in confidence
  • Deliberations of the University
  • The performance of certain investigative functions and negotiations
  • Law enforcement and Public Safety
  • Research and Natural Resources

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