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Donal Donovan holds a B.A (Mod) from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in Economics from the University of British Columbia, with a speciality in monetary and international economics. Dr. Donovan spent almost 30 years with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dealing with country specific policy issues in many regions of the world. 

His most recent positions at the IMF were as Deputy Director of the African Department and Deputy Director of the Policy Development and Review Department. Dr. Donovan has published several articles on the effects of economic adjustment programs.  Dr. Donovan was a member of the team that prepared the report by the Governor of the Central Bank on the Irish Banking Crisis and was a Senior Expert to the Nyberg Commission dealing with the same subject.

He has contributed widely in the Irish media on the euro debt crisis and Irish bail out and is the joint author, with Professor Antoin Murphy of  The Fall of the Celtic Tiger; Ireland and the Euro Debt Crisis  ( Oxford, 2014).  Dr. Donovan has been a consultant to various EU  bodies and also served as a member of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council appointed by the Government.  In more recent times he has intensified his academic work as a visiting/adjunct professor to a number of institutions, including the University of Limerick.

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