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Bob Strunz graduated with a diploma in Industrial Electronics (Distinction) from UL in 1987. Bob earned his BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Limerick in 1991 and a Masters Degree in Time Domain Reflectometry in 1993. Bob earned his PhD in “Strategy, Micropolitics and Technology” in  Irish Higher Education in 2005 from the University of Hull.

Bob was formerly Technology Advisor to the Vice President Academic and Registrar of UL; Technology Advisor to the University of Limerick; Chief Technical Architect on the board of the National Digital Learning Repository and served the boards of the Birr Scientific and Heritage Foundation and Birr Educational trust. Bob won both eGovernment and Golden Spider awards for his contributions to eLearning in Ireland.

In 2015 Bob designed and was technical lead for the Deloitte, student records stabilisation and remediation project at the University of Limerick. In 2016 Bob was a visiting Academic at the School of Engineering in Napier University, Edinburgh. In 2017 Bob obtained his Pilots qualification for underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles. Bob is currently a member of faculty in the department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick and is also a visiting academic at Henan Polytechnic University in China.

Postal Address: Corporate Secretary’s Office, Main Office, Room A1-073, Main Building.
Phone: +353 (0)61 233 767