The School structure is built around four academic departments and a number of specialist research centres and programme delivery units, largely based in the departments. The key delivery units are the four academic departments to which the 90+ faculty in the School belong.

The Taught Postgraduate Studies Office is responsible for the coordination of all taught postgraduate programmes.

The Management Group is the executive decision-making unit in the School, is chaired by the Dean and its membership includes the Heads of the Academic Departments, the Assistant Deans and the School Faculty Manager.

Current membership of the Management Group is as follows:

Professor Finbarr Murphy, Executive Dean, KBS and Chairman

Mary Finucane, Faculty Manager, KBS

Dr Barry Sheehan, Head, Accounting and Finance

Professor Stephen Kinsella, Head, Economics

Dr Conor Carroll, Head, Management and Marketing

Dr Noreen Heraty, Head, Work and Employment Studies

Professor Michael Morley, Assistant Dean Research, KBS

Dr John Walsh, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, KBS

Dr Donal Palcic, Assistant Dean International, KBS

Dr Fergal O’Brien, Assistant Dean, Post Graduate Studies, KBS

Dr Sarah Kieran, Assistant Dean, Academy

The KBS Faculty Board is the key academic policy-making and approvals body in the School. It is chaired by the Dean and the membership includes all School faculty and some representatives from the three other faculties and the University. It is responsible for the initial approval of all new and revised academic programmes, the appointment of external examiners, the processing of examination grades for KBS students and graduates and the formulation of School policy and opinions on academic matters. Decisions of the Faculty Board are subject to subsequent approval by the Academic Council of the University.

The main administrative and management activities in the Dean's Office, Kemmy Business School.

Professor Finbarr Murphy
Executive Dean, Kemmy Business School
Tel: +353-61-202245
PA to the Dean Tel: +353-61-202116
Fax: +353-61-336559
Mary Finucane
Faculty Manager
Tel: +353-61-202601
Professor Michael Morley
Assistant Dean, Research
Tel: +353-61-202273
Fax: +353-61-213188
Rebecca Gachet
Research Administrator
Tel: +353-61-202256
John Walsh
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Tel: +353-61-202106
Dr Donal Palcic
Assistant Dean, International
Tel: +353-61-233710
Dr Fergal O’Brien
Assistant Dean, Post Graduate Studies
Dr Sarah Kieran
Assistant Dean, Academy
Harriet Cotter
Business Development Manager
Tel: +353-61-213063
Ita Page
KBS Accreditation Manager 
Tel: +353-61-234606
Yvonne Diggins
Special Projects Officer (On Leave)
Elaine Mullane
Faculty Administrator, Undergraduate Programmes 
Tel: +353-61-202627
Deirdre O'Dwyer
Faculty Administrator, Postgraduate Programmes
Tel: +353-61-202230
Anne Moloney
Administrator, Dean's Office 
Tel: +353-61-202303
Deirdre McCarthy
Department of Economics Office Co-ordinator
 Tel: +353-61-202285

Catherine O’Doherty
Administrator, Student Exchange programmes
and HRM Evening Programmes

Tel: +353-61-202872
Robert Dalton
Senior Learning Technologist
Tel: +353-61-213428
Grzegorz Rogala
Learning Technologist
Gillian O’Sullivan
Senior Administrator, Executive Education
Tel + 353-61-204252
Keith Kerley
Marketing and Recruitment Officer
Tel: +353 87 2040107
Adam O'Driscoll
Marketing Executive(Co-Op)