Research Application Process

Research applications are processed monthly and should be submitted to by the deadline indicated in the attached document:   Submission Deadline for Research Applications for a Masters or PhD

In order for an application to be processed the following forms are required:

  1. Research Postgraduate Application Form - signed by the student (section 20 –  three signatures required), signed by the Supervisor(s) (Section 21), Signed by the Head of Department (Section 23)   -  Ensure that you are opening the form in an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Please use this link to update the Adobe Acrobat Reader    The form must be digitally signed please see instructions on how to create a digital signature at the following website (under research degree programmes how to apply)
  2. Copies of degree certificates and English language competency to be included (where required)
  3. Proposed Research Programme   – each section to be filled in and signed by the Supervisor(s)  [IRC applicants just need to attach a copy of their IRC application as an appendix to the postgraduate application form].
  4. Postgraduate Agreement Form   –  to be signed by the Student and Head of Department (Full time students only)
  5. Financial Aid Form   - to be signed by the Student, Supervisor and Budget Manager (If the supervisor is also the budget manager please sign in both places)  Word version Here
  6. Scholarship Declaration Form   –  must accompany the Financial Aid Form if one is being submitted.