Health and Psychophysiology Lab

The Health and Psychophysiology Lab (E1-016) contains equipment that may beĀ used for the measurement of physiological, psychological and other health-related factors

Social Cognition Lab

The Social Cognition Lab (E1-017a) is a lab where both computer-based and pen-and-paper based experiments may be carried out. The room has six partitioned areas, allowing for research with multiple participants simultaneously.

Groups and Identities Lab

The Groups and Identities Lab (E1-017b) is a space that is specially designed for qualitative research. The layout of the room is ideal for interviews and focus groups. This lab can be observed in both close proximity, via the mirror/window which leads to the adjacent room, and remotely, via video camera

Cognition Lab

The Cognition Lab (E1-017c) has five self-contained cubicles, configured for computer-based tasks. These cubicles not only allow separate testing of multiple participants, but also allow multiple researchers to carry out experiments simultaneously.

Audiovisual Lab

The Audiovisual Lab (E1-038) is a multi-purpose lab which can be used to carry out a variety of experiments. It is a fluid space, which can be configured to include computers, individual participant stations or an interview area.