Want to do Research in Psychology

We offer Voluntary, Extra-Curricular Internships in Research. 

Why be a Research Intern?

Learning Benefits: Practical Research Experience & Additional Education

Career:  Looks great on CV, get a Certificate and Recommendation Letter

What to do? Check Research Topics & Contact the Researcher

Please note, these internships are mainly offered to current UL students, however, applicants from outside of UL may be considered if suited to a particular project. This is at the discretion of the supervisor. 

Please see below for a brief video about the program


Research Researcher Email Phone
Intercultural Competence and Ethononational Prejudice Anca Minescu anca.minescu@ul.ie 061-234859
Moral Judgement and Categorization Cillian McHugh cillian.mchugh@ul.ie 061-213073
The Self, Emotions, Meaning in Life Eric R. Igou eric.igou@ul.ie 061-234934
Social Inequality, Social Identity & Social Identity Change Jenny Roth jenny.roth@ul.ie 061-234934
Social Networks & Identity  Mike Quayle mike.quayle@ul.ie 061-202059
Homelessness, Empowerment & Well-being Ronni M. Greenwood ronni.greenwood@ul.ie 061-234618