Emma Kirwan - PG Researcher Profile

PhD Researcher

Course: Structured Ph.D.
Role: PhD Student
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (1st Hons) in Psychology, University of Limerick, Master of Science (1st Hons) in Health Psychology, National University of Ireland, Galway

Proposed PhD title: Loneliness in Young Adulthood: Identification of Risk Factors using a Mixed Methods Approach.

PhD Supervisors:

Dr Ann-Marie Creaven

Dr Páraic Ó Súilleabháin

Dr Annette Burns (Institute of Public Health)

Project Description:

            Contrary to the belief that loneliness is a problem of older age, young adults also experience relatively high levels of loneliness. Loneliness represents a serious issue that may be associated with a wide spectrum of negative physical and mental health outcomes. Although we know quite a bit about loneliness in older adult populations, young adults are in a critical period of their lives, and appear to have very different social needs to older adults. What might contribute to loneliness for older age groups may not work in the same way for young adults.

            Therefore, my research aims to identify what contributes to the risk of loneliness in young adults. I hope to advance the research in this field by conducting a survey study that is informed by multi-disciplinary approaches to loneliness, complemented by the perspectives of young adults in Ireland.

Project Funding:

PhD Studentship Award, Department of Psychology, University of Limerick, 2020


Tutor and teaching assistant on undergraduate modules, Department of Psychology, University of Limerick

PS4031 Psychology and Everyday Life

PS4045 Advanced Research Methods


Centre for Social Issues Research

i-Teach Lab

Study of Anxiety, Stress and Health Laboratory (SASH Lab)