Daragh Bradshaw

Daragh Bradshaw (Graduated)
Structured Ph.D.
Role: PhD Graduate
Qualifications:  Bachelor of Science (1st Hons) in Psychology at the University of Limerick

Project Title: Imprisoned Fatherhood: The experience of fatherhood in a changing Irish prison system

Project Supervisors: Professor Orla Muldoon

Funding source: IRS Postgraduate award, 2014 - 2018

Project Description:

Men’s sense of being and behaving as fathers is often irrecoverably eroded during their time in prison. Prolonged absences, difficult visits and the stress and resentment associated with prison make it difficult for fathers and children to maintain meaningful relationships. However, maintaining imprisoned fathers contact with their partners and their children is an important component in efforts to reduce recidivism and to protect vulnerable children from criminal careers. Recognizing the importance of such family connections, the Irish Penal Reform Trust is currently implementing changes to facilitate meaningful father-child interaction and support families affected by imprisonment

The current project is funded by the Irish Research Council and aims to capture the experience of imprisoned fathers and their families as well as assess how changes within the prison have affected mothers, fathers and children. Results from this project will influence future policy surrounding provisions made for imprisoned families. Potential impact can be seen to affect recidivism, inter-generational offending and rehabilitation, being felt by incarcerated fathers, their families and society in general.

Awards and Honours:

  • Irish Research Council Post Graduate Government of Ireland Award 2015-2018
  • Families, Imprisonment and Parenting Programme Bursary 2014. Competitive scholarship to support research in the academic year 2014-2015 from the Child Development Initiative
  • Psychology Society of Ireland 44th Annual Conference, Student Poster Merit award 2014.
  • EHS PhD Fee Waiver 2014-2015
  • Most Outstanding Academic Performance Award at Undergraduate Level, from the Department of Psychology, August 2014.
  • Department of Psychology Award for Highest Thesis Grade, University of Limerick, 2014.
  • University of Limerick’s Presidential List for exceptional Q.C.A over numerous semesters (Spring Semester 2013/14, Spring Semester 2012/13, Autumn Semester 2012/13, & Spring Semester 2011/12).
  • Inspirefest, Innovated Research Excellence Award, Finalist, 2017
  • University of Limerick Deans Award for Research Excellence, Finalist 2017
  • Famelab, Science communication Regional winner and national finalist 2018


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  • SL6079 Social Psychology for Speech and Learning Therapists 
  • PS4043 Empirical Psychology
  • PS4041 Practical Psychology
  • PS4045 Advanced Research Methods


  • Member of the Centre for Social Issues Research:
  • Member of the Psychology Society of Ireland

Media Coverage

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