Clara O'Byrne

Clara O'Byrne (Graduated)

Course: PhD Student
Role: Phd Graduate, DCYA Funded Doctoral Research Scholar
Qualifications: BA,. M.Phil., HDE., M.Ed, B.Sc
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Doctoral Supervisor- Professor Orla Muldoon


My background is in education, specifically special education. I have spent over 10 years working with disadvantaged youths, intellectually disabled adolescents and their parents. After graduating with a 1st class honours degree in Psychology I decided to pursue my interests in psychology at post-graduate level.

Scholarships awarded in 2012

Title of Research Project: 
"I am me", Investigating the social experiences of adolescents with Intellectual disability.

This study combines quantitative (longitudinal) and qualitative (ethnography and focus groups) methods to explore the social experiences of adolescents with Intellectual Disability, focusing particularly on their social experiences and negotiation of stigma and stereotyping

This project is funded by The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) Research Scholarship

Start date: August 2011             
Completion date: August 2014