Catherine Naughton

Catherine Naughton

Catherine Naughton
PhD Student
PhD Student

Qualifications: M.Sc. in Psychological Science, University of Limerick (1st Class Honours) 



I completed a Masters in Psychological Science (MSc) in University of Limerick, 2012 (First Class Honours), including an A grade in my Major Research Project. 


Research Interests

My research interest is in the area of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) particularly its intergenerational transmission. IPV a complex social problem continues to occur at an alarmingly high rate. Children who witness IPV in their families are at increased risk, both in terms of their well-being and of being embroiled in DV, either as a victim or perpetrator, in their adulthood. Research within social psychology indicates that group membership can affect the way we think and behave. My PhD research will illuminate our understanding of both the positive effects of group membership (family and peer identification) on psychological well-being, but also the paradoxical negative effects, as group membership may contribute to the acceptability of IPV behaviours. Therefore will inform intervention, prevention and social policy. 


Thesis Advisors

Professor Orla Muldoon and Dr. Aisling O' Donnell


Funding Source

My research is funded by the UL40 Initiative


Awards and Honours

Honourable mention, European Association of Psychology and Law-Student, Paper Award (September, 2013)

Outstanding Performance in Major Research Project, MSc programme. Department of Psychology, University of Limerick (January 2013)



Recipient of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, Structural PhD Funding (July, 2014)

Recipient of Travel Bursary from Carlton University, Canada to present at 2nd International Conference of Social Identity and Health (May, 2014)

Recipient of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, UL40 PhD Scholarship (July, 2012)



Naughton, C. M.,  O'Donnell, A. T.,  Greenwood, R. M., & Muldoon, O. T. (2015). 'Ordinary Decent Domestic Violence': A Discursive Analysis of Family Law Judges, Discourse & Society, 26(3).


Policy Contribution

Ireland, Dept. of Justice, Defence and Equality, House of the Oireachtas Joint Committee (2013) Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence. Retrieved from http://www.oireachtas .ie/parliament/media/committees/justice/ Domestic_Sexual-Violence-Report.pdf


Conference Paper Presentations

Presenter, Naughton, C. (August, 2013). ‘Ordinary Decent Domestic Violence’: A Discursive Analysis of Family Law Judges. Paper presented at British Psychological Society (BPS) Social-Section Annual Conference, Exeter, UK.

Presenter, Naughton, C. (September, 2013). The Normalisation of Domestic Violence in the Construction of the 'Best interest of the child' by Irish District Court Judges. Paper presented at European Association of Psychology and Law Conference, Coventry, UK

Presenter, Muldoon, Naughton, O’Donnell, (Feb, 2014). The Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence. To The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality and Reform, Leinster House, Dublin

Presenter, Naughton, C. (May, 2014). The Mediating Role of Social Identity in Young People Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in their Family of Origin. Paper presented at 11th Annual Health, Psychology and Medicine Conference, Limerick, Ireland, Abstract retrieved from

Presenter, Naughton, C. (June, 2014). Social Identity, Risk or Protective: The Paradoxical Consequences of Various Social Identities in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence. SnapShot presentation at 2nd International Conference on Social Identity and Health, Ottawa, Canada.


Research Groups

Member of the Centre for Social Issues Research.

Member of NVivo Colloquium

Collaborative Research groups emulating from the European Association of Social Psychology Summer School:

Social Justice Research Group 1, with Sutton, R., Berent, J., Gilbert, E., Harvey, A., & Naughton, C. Investigating Intergenerational Transmission of Inmate Justice Attributions and Collective Punishment.

Social Justice Research Group 2, with Bles, van der, A.M., Gilbert, E., Kobis, N., Lavado, S., Naughton, C.  & Sutton, R. Investigating Sources of Justices: The Trade-off between Moral Values, Justices and Loyalty.



I spoke on live radio, local - Tipp-FM(2011) and national - RTE 1(Live Line, 2012), to raise awareness to the issue of Intimate Partner Violence, its impact on children, and the importance of social support to facilitate victims to leave abusive relationships and to aid their recovery


Further Information

European Association of Social Psychology, Summer school, Lisbon (August, 2014).

Nvivo workshop, CSTAR, University of Limerick (May, 2014).

Winter School in Social Sciences Research: Mixed Methods, Department of Sociology University of Limerick (Jan, 2014).

Family Law Module: Department of Law, University of Limerick (2013).

DCU Qualitative Research Summer School (Discourse Analysis) (2012).

Certificate in Peer Support (2011).

Fein Mhease: Foundation in counselling and Personal