First Name Surname Email Research Interests
Andrew McInerney Statistical modelling; Machine Learning; Neural Networks
Aoife Hurley Statistical modelling; Statistical spatial and spatiotemporal modelling; Bayesian statistics; Disease modelling
Aryan Singh  
Attiq  Iqbal mathematical modelling, partial differential equations, homogenization, evolving porous media, perturbation methods, numerical methods
Ben McKeon Comulatational optics and electromagnetics; Hamiltonian systems; Symplectic and Multisymplectic numerical methods.
Caroline Brasileiro Pena Network dynamics, information diffusion, Natural Language Processing, statistical modelling.
Cathal Doherty  
Conor Nolan Nolan Geophysical fluid dynamics; Stability analysis; Differential Equations
Darragh Glavin Machine Learning for Mental Health; Diagnosis; Recovery trajectory 
David McMahon Microlocal Analysis, Radar and Medical Imaging, Inverse Problems
Eamonn Organ Spatio-Temporal Statistics, Renewable energy  forecasting, Bayesian statistics
Eduardo Shigueiti Maekawa Mental Heatlh AI, Probabilistic Machine learning, Bayesian network
Eishita Yadav Spatio-Temporal Statistics, Bayesian Disease Models, Behavioral Economics 
Eva Ryan Statistical modelling; Causal inference; Latent class analysis
Francis Flanagan mathematical modelling; asymptotics; metal forming; finite element analysis
Goodness Okoh Mathematical Modelling (PDEs, Perturbation Methods, Numerical Methods),
Materials Science (Material Mechanics & Microstructure),
Additive Manufacturing
Howard Caulfield Networks; Time series; deep generative models; Finance; Statistical Inference
Jack Moore  
Jason Curran Inverse Problems, Analysis, Medical Imaging
Jessica Crosse Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Problems, Analysis, Medical Imaging
Jessica Doohan Neural Networks;Statistical modelling; Machine Learning
Joshua  Durrant Fluid mechanics, perturbation methods, industrial modelling, mathematical biology 
Kaavya Rekanar VQA models, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, LLMs
Laura O'Mahony Machine Learning, XAI, Interpretability, Computer Vision, LLMs
Laure Ngouanfo  
Maniru Ibrahim mathematical modelling, differential equations, drug release, moving boundary, asymptotic methods
Melody Sepahpour-Fard Natural language processing, computational social science
Nancy Fosua Boakye  
Natalia da Silva de Sá Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision
Negin  Nazari Mathematical modelling: PDEs, numerical methods (Matlab and comsol)  and perturbation methods. Fluid mechanics, infiltration, porous media
Niall Donlon Inverse Problems, Anaylsis, Hybrid Imaging, Anisotropic Imaging
Owen McGrath Reliability Analysis, Accelerated Life Testing, Statistical Process Control
Rebecca Nkiruka Ndukwe Machine Learning; Bayesian Statistics; Time series; High-dimensionality
Robert Garvey applied mathematics; perturbation methods; differential equations; extinction; fluid dynamics; mathematical biology; mathematical geoscience
Sarah Murphy Mathematical modelling; asymptotics; moving-boundary problems; chemical decontamination
Seamie Hayes Camera-Radar Fusion in the Birds Eye View (BEV) Plane for Autonomous Vehicles
Sean Kelly Numerical Analysis for Fractional Differential Equations
Shane Mannion  
Shraddha Naidu Inverse Problems, Electrical Impedance Tomography, Machine Learning
Sushil Kumar Sharma Encoder-Decoder Transformer, Segmentation, Trajectory forcasting, Automated Parking Systems (APS), Multi-View Camera
Tiernan Brosnan Microlocal Analysis, Radar Imaging, Inverse Problems
Zeeshan Haider Ansari Computational Fluid Dynamics, Population Balance Methods

Research Masters

Mitchell Rae Population Balance Methods; Finite Element Methods; Neural Networks
Stephen McKermitt Complex networks; social network analysis