The 17th Workshop on Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena was the first in this series to be held online instead of physically. Its success opened our eyes to the possibility of organising talks by speakers located in any part of the globe. Thus, in collaboration with other Irish researchers, we have now created the (virtual) Irish Numerical Analysis Forum which will include fortnightly seminars in all areas of numerical analysis that are aligned with the interests of the Irish numerical analysis community. Its aim will be to solicit lectures from leading international numerical analysts who will discuss their research area in a style that is accessible to most numerical analysts (i.e., not just those who are already familiar with the subject of the lecture).

The seminar series started in January 2021. The talks will be streamed online via zoom and are free to view; one must however register in advance with INAF to gain access to them. We will usually have one talk every two weeks, but the talk timetable may vary from this. A registration puts you on our mailing list for receiving zoom links for all talks.

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All seminar times are given in Dublin time; to convert them to your local time you may, for example, use the following Time Zone Converter.