Show and TEL series infographic

Brightspace and my flipped classroom approach

I have just taken the Graduate Diploma in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship with the Centre for Transformative Learning. In the Autumm semester of 2022/23 half of our modules in that programme were presented on Brightspace. Because I had this learning experience, I volunteered to take part in the pilot phase of Brightspace for staff in the spring semester of last academic year. In this Show and Tell presentation I will showcase that Brightspace module and walk through how I set the module up using weekly tabs. The module is designed as a flipped classroom, which means I provide students with pre-recorded lectures (with the Panopto integration) and readings to engage with before we meet. Then I set up our synchronous two-hour session as a hybrid, so that the students can join the face-to-face discussion sessions in person, and I also set up virtual meetings with BigBlueButton for those students who needed or preferred to join online. I am still learning to use Brightspace but the support that I have received from our Learning Technologist in EHS (Adrienne Horan) has really helped me to manage my transition to Brightspace from SULIS.