The Learning Technology Forum (LTF) was established in 2018 in order to constitute a community of practice (CoP) and as a hub for collaboration amongst all those that support technology-enhanced learning (TEL) in UL. As such, the LTF was established:

  • To develop a university joined-up approach and processes in the area of educational technology;
  • To support curriculum, programme and pedagogic innovation;
  • To support staff development; and
  • To support development and dissemination of best practice.

The LTF recognises the value and need of a CoP on TEL at UL, especially given the increasing number of roles related to TEL, its diversity, and distribution across the institution. Its ethos is one of an informal and open network,  embracing the possibility for emerging collaborations that contribute to promoting the adoption of blended and online teaching practices in UL. Its membership includes representation from multiple stakeholders including ITD (Educational Technology), Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL), Disability Support Services, Learning Technologists in faculties and departments, and academics with a specialism in technology-enhanced learning.