Listed below are the documents that will be required by UL over the course of your Erasmus experience.

NB: The documents required by the host university are not listed here. Please consult the documentation you received from the host university for further information.

Further information documents are available on the left-hand side of this page:

  • Erasmus Checklist
  • Erasmus Student Charter
  • Erasmus ISCED codes (academic/subject areas)

Necessary travel documents

Please ensure that you hold a passport or National Identity card (EU citizens) that is valid until the end of the semester abroad.

If your passport's expiry date is close, please check that it will be accepted where you are travelling. Some countries require that the passport be in date for another 3 to 6 months to be valid.

Irish citizens may renew their passport online: 

All EU students travelling to the EU must hold a valid EHIC.

The card is valid for a period of 4 years and may be obtained from the HSE:

Non-EU students who undertake an Erasmus academic placement as part of their programme must have an Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card that is valid until the end of the Erasmus academic placement (please consult the Irish Immigration Services website for further information).

Non-EU students will also be required to have private health insurance (see next section). Please check specific requirements with your host university.

Students are strongly advised to take out additional private medical insurance to cover the period of study abroad. If you have a medical insurance policy (VHI, Laya, Aviva, etc.) in Ireland, contact the insurer to ensure that you will be covered while abroad and bring a copy of your policy or policy number.

In some universities, students are obliged to take out additional insurance, e.g. liability insurance, repatriation cover, etc. Read the host University’s requirements on insurance or contact the host university directly to obtain this information. Please be aware that in recent years, accidents involving injuries such as broken limbs have occurred to students who were under-insured while abroad. This can incur serious problems for the student and their family, so please be attentive to this matter.

The following websites may be useful:

As a registered student of the University of Limerick you will also be covered by the University of Limerick Students’ Union Personal Accident Policy, which covers basic medical expenses resulting from accidental injury, certain permanent disabilities such as loss of a limb or loss of an eye, and accidental death. This policy extends to most sporting activities except hang-gliding. Please note that this insurance does not cover medical insurance for illness.

In addition to private health insurance, students are strongly advised to take out travel insurance which includes repatriation to be transported home in the case of an illness. Please be aware that multi-trip insurance policies from most insurance providers do not cover an extended period abroad.

Students may take out travel insurance from any provider of their choice. Many institutions offer travel insurance, including insurance companies (Allianz, AXA, etc.), banks (Bank of Ireland, AIB, etc.), credit unions, etc.

Please find below examples of Erasmus insurance providers:

Oaktree Financial Services

Study & Protect 

ATTN: Insurance policy must be taken out prior to travelling abroad. Cover cannot be provided once students have left Ireland.

Many insurance providers require that students have been residing in Ireland for at least 3 months prior to taking out insurance.

Many French institutions require a translated Birth Certificate for enrolment. Students can obtain a certified translation of the birth certificate from Mrs Marie Hackett, French Honorary Consul for the Limerick region. Please contact our office ( for Marie Hackett's contact details. You will need to send a copy of your birth certificate with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and €10.

Required Erasmus documents

Learning Agreement (Section A): This document is used to record the academic programme followed during the Erasmus semester and must be completed by the student. The document must be signed by the student, the UL academic coordinator and, if possible, the host institution academic coordinator. More information on completing the Learning Agreement can be found here.

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) test: Prior to the start of the Erasmus mobility period, students will receive a login and password to access the OLS platform. Students must complete the language assessment before the mobility period. This is a requirement for students whose main language of instruction during the Eramsus semester will be French, German or Spanish.

  • Erasmus Confirmation of Attendance: The first section of this document (Certificate of Arrival) must be completed by the International Office of the host institution at the start of the semester abroad. The document must then be uploaded to the Erasmus Upload Power App. Students should aim to complete this document and upload it as soon as they begin their Erasmus semester, as it is a required document to receive the Erasmus Mobility Grant.
  • Learning Agreement (Section B): This document is used to record the academic programme followed during the Erasmus semester and must be completed by the student. The document must be signed by the student, the UL academic coordinator and, if possible, the host institution academic coordinator. More information on completing the Learning Agreement can be found here.
  • Erasmus Confirmation of Attendance: The second section of this document (Certificate of Departure) must be completed by the international office of the host institution within the final 10 days of the semester abroad (including any exam period you must attend). The document must then be uploaded to Erasmus Upload Power App. This document is a required document to receive the Erasmus Mobility Grant.
  • Erasmus Participant's Survey: This EU questionnaire will be automatically e-mailed to the student's UL account by the EU Commission. The email is sent on the day following the expected end date of the Erasmus semester and students are given 30 days to complete the questionnaire. For example, if the expected end date of the semester is 25th January, the survey will be sent on 26th January.
  • Official Transcript of Records: The host university is required to provide all students with an official Transcript of Records, showing the modules, grades and credits achieved at the host university. Students must submit their Transcript of Records to the UL Global office ( as soon as they receive their Transcript. Without a Transcript of Records, the Erasmus semester cannot be evaluated or validated. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they submit their Transcript to the UL Global office. Students are advised to check with the host university when the Transcript of Records will be issued, in what format and to whom it will be sent.
  • Student Report on Host University: Students are given 30 days following the end of their semester abroad to submit the report. The document must be uploaded to the Erasmus Upload Power App
  • Online Linguistics Support (OLS) test: Students who have availed of an OLS course during their Erasmus semester are required to take the OLS  assessment at the end of the semester. This is compulsory if the main language of instruction at the host university is French, German or Spanish, except for students who scored C2 in their inital test at the start of the semester.
  • Learning Agreement (Section C): This section is used to record your Erasmus results. More information on the Erasmus Learning Agreement can be found here.

All Erasmus documents must be uploaded to the Erasmus Power App.