In addition to our core services which any UL student can avail of, we can also provide some 1-1 support to students who may have additional requirements due to various learning differences or difficulties. These students need to be registered with Disability Services before requesting LENS-specific support from the Science Learning Centre (SLC).

You can find out more information about registering with Disability Services via this link: 

Once you are registered with Disability Services, you can request support in a science-based subject by emailing Disability Services with your request and cc'ing in the SLC (

Information on how to contact the Disability Services can be found here: 

If you have used a tutor at the SLC before and would like to continue working with them, it would be very beneficial to mention their name in the email.

Disability services will liaise with the SLC once they receive your request for support in a science-based subject, and we will always try to find a suitable tutor who will be available to support you. However, providing such services is reliant on suitable tutors who are (1) employed by the SLC at the time of the request and (2) their availability. As such, we may not always be able to guarantee this specific support, but will always do our best to accommodate students in these cases.

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