I really enjoyed the support tutorials. I learned a lot in a smaller environment - it was a lot easier to ask questions.

Anonymous Student Survey Feedback (AY 22/23)

Our tutor for support tutorials was brilliant. He was very knowledgeable in the subject area and was able to deliver the material very well for everyone to understand.

Anonymous Student Survey Feedback (AY 22-23)

Are some of you struggling with a particularly difficult module? Support tutorials can be arranged by the Science Learning Centre to supplement timetabled module lectures and tutorials. Course material is revisited in the support tutorials, according to the areas that students are finding difficult.

Support Tutorials are normally organised by your Class Representative who contacts the SLC directly via either the form at the bottom of this page or by emailing us at slc@ul.ie. We then contact the lecturer out of courtesy to request permission to provide additional support with one of our experienced SLC tutors. This is to ensure the lecturer is aware of the support we will provide and ensures the SLC communicate regularly with them about how the sessions are going.

Traditionally, once we have liaised with the lecturer then we will organise for these live tutorial sessions to run between 6-7pm in the evenings. We will then communicate the scheduled times of sessions via email to the Student Rep to cascade out to all students in that module.

Support tutorials are organised on campus as feedback from both students and tutors has shown that a face-to-face setting leads to greater engagement and academic outcomes in students. However, we appreciate that there may be some circumstances when online support tutorials might be more appropriate. In the case where you believe that online support tutorials are the only option in your circumstance, please email us at slc@ul.ie.

We usually ask anyone requesting support tutorials to attach signatures of at least 10 students who want the support tutorials to take place on the request form above, however if your module has less than 10 students please let us know and we will try to organise something for your cohort.

Depending on gaps in your timetables and the tutor's availability, we will always try to send out a poll for students to vote for the most popular day/time. However, there are instances where our tutors have very limited availability, and so it may not always be possible for students to have a say when support tutorials will run. 

Request a Support Tutorial 

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Email: slc@ul.ie 
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