Date: Thursday, 26 September 2024
Time: 11.30am - 3pm
Location: UL Sport Arena

The UL Autumn Careers Fair will take place on campus in September 2024. The Fair will be open to students from 11.30am to 3.00pm.

The UL Autumn Careers Fair will enable organisations to showcase graduate opportunities and summer internships to students in the following disciplines:

  • Business Students (Accounting & Finance, Tax & Corporate Responsibility, Economics, International Business, Financial Math, Risk Management & Insurance, Project Management, HRM and Marketing)
  • ICT Students ( Software and Hardware)
  • Engineering Students (Chemical, Mech, Biomedical, Aero, Civil, Construction, Technology and Design)
  • Science Students (Pharma, Physics, Biochemistry, Environmental, Bioscience and Food Science)
  • AHSS (Law, Communications, Politics and Public Administration, English, Irish, History, International Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Technical Communication and Instructional Design, Interdisciplinary Studies, Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics)
  • All students (summer internships)
  • If recruiting Allied Health Care or Education students, these fairs happen in spring as the students are typically on placement in the autumn semester.

Exhibitor information

Before commencing the booking form, it is important to take note of the information below. You will not be able to complete the booking form without this information. 


The cost of the Fair is as follows:

Large Organisations and SME: €750 excluding VAT.

Not For Profit Organisations: €300 excluding VAT.

Note: If you are a Charitable Organisation and hold a registered charity number, the fee will not apply.

Payment Solution 

University of Limerick can only accept payments through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or a Purchase Order (PO). If paying by PO, we will require PO details at the time of booking; we will not confirm bookings unless completed. 

If you have not attended a UL Careers Fair in the last 4 years we would ask that you complete the Customer Set-up (CSU) Form and email to

University of Limerick does not operate a credit card payment facility or accept cash/ cheque.


The University is now required to ensure that each exhibitor can provide evidence of employers and public liability insurance to the value of €13m and €6.5m, respectively.

We require evidence of your employer's and public liability insurance or letter of indemnity when booking.


Terms and conditions

Exhibitor information: Prepare for the Fair

Exhibitor information: On the day


Important information for students

Prepare for the Careers Fair