Write a winning CV

We have three ways to help you get feedback and support with your CV:

  1. UL CV Guide
  2. CareerSet - our online CV checker
  3. 1:1 feedback

Do a free online practice video interview 


Shortlist.Me is an interview preparation platform that helps you practice various careers and recruiter video interviews. In a competitive job market, feeling comfortable in interviews is critical.

This takes practice and experience – the more you interview, the more you learn about yourself and what is expected at an interview.

Shortlist.Me interview practice is available 24/7 from any location. You can access the platform directly and complete practice interviews independently at a time that best suits you.

Interview skills

Our helpful UL Interview Skills Booklet cover a range of topics from interview preparation, types of interview, and tricky questions to Top Tips for interviews.


Check out our YouTube channel, subscribe and watch recordings of workshops with Careers Advisors discussing best practices for interviews.

My CareerPath

You can get help preparing for interviews through our online Career Consultation appointments.

Log into MyCareerPath, click on 'Book', then 'Appointments' and use our Appointment Finder tool to book the correct appointment type.