UL Careers Fair

The UL Careers Fair gives you the opportunity to:

  • Make personal contact with leading graduate employers
  • Find out what opportunities are available, what skills employers are looking for, and how to impress on your application form/CV and at interview
  • Update yourself on employment trends, salary levels and training opportunities
  • Decide which organisations you would like to join.

To make the best of this opportunity, you will need to be prepared. Few employers will offer you a job on the spot, but if you make the right impression, this will be to your advantage at the interview stage. Here are some tips to help you on the day:

  • Do some research on companies in advance. Read the entries in this publication, check the websites, and make a list of those that interest you.
  • Find careers seminars and employers by searching www.careersconnect.ul.ie
  • For help in preparing a CV or online application, attend the workshop on Applications and Interviews.
  • Be prepared with a brief introductory sentence for each employer. Relate your degree to their opportunities.
  • Ask specific questions about the organisation and career opportunities.
  • Broaden your focus to include the less well-known organisations, as they often have very challenging opportunities to offer.

The UL Careers Fair is an ideal opportunity to make contact with a significant number of employers who have real jobs to offer. By preparing for the event, you stand a better chance of using the time and opportunity effectively. Know what you want from the Fair, know what you have to offer, and be prepared to consider everything. This is your chance to make some useful contacts and see what opportunities are out there ... SO DON’T MISS OUT!