The KBS Research Bulletin series aims to make our research more readily accessible to a wide range of interested stakeholders and, in doing so, to enhance the impact of excellent, evidence-based research on the society and economy in which we live and work. The bulletins are an important part of stakeholder engagement at the KBS. Their dissemination aligns with both the UL research focus on impactful research and the KBS strategic goals of cultivating excellence in research and contributing to our community of stakeholders in a responsible and sustainable manner.

 Recent Research Bulletins


Research Bulletins 2023

It Never Ends: Vulnerable Consumers’ Experiences of Persistent Liminality and Resource (Mis)Integration

Walk the talk! Is it possible to incentivise executives to reduce carbon emissions?

R&D grants and R&D tax credits to foreignowned subsidiaries: Does supporting Multinational Enterprises’ R&D pay off in terms of firm performance improvements for the host economy?

Agencing the digitalised marketer: Exploring the boundary workers at the cross-road of (e)merging markets

Single-sex schooling, gender and educational performance: Evidence using PISA data

Different types of trust violations and their impact on brain activity

Is caring for others good for our mental health? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Protocol for establishing and evaluating a public and patient panel for organisation science and management principles in healthcare

Artificial intelligence and the tax practitioner

What’s Age Got to Do With It? A Primer and Review of the Workplace Aging Literature


Research Bulletins 2022

Toward a non-organizational theory of HRM? A complex adaptive systems perspective on the HRM ecosystem in (con)temporary organizing 

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: Implications for portfolio and risk management in the banking sector

Modular structure in labour networks reveals skill basins

Walking Our Evidence-Based Talk: The Case of Leadership Development in Business Schools

Harnessing the science base: Results from a national programme using publicly-funded research centres to reshape firms’ R&D

Reluctant state capitalism: Antipathy, accommodation and hybridity in Irish telecommunications

Beyond professional closure: uncovering the hidden history of ‘plain’ accountants

The use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) to predict sales growth: insights from an empirical investigation

Simple rules for sensemaking praxis: How HR can contribute to strategic change by developing sensemaking capability in organisations

Perlmutter revisited: Revealing the anomic mindset