Thesis Working Title

The evidences of dominant institutional logics in Higher Education Partnerships field in Vietnam and its influences on academics’ professional self-identity.

Institutional change is increasingly becoming one of the most prominent concerns of institutional theorists who wish to understand (1) how institutional alteration occurs and the complexity of the multiple institutional logics that institutional change creates; and (2) the human agent responses to the impacts of institutional alteration. However, existing literature on organizations within the context of multiple institutional logics have focused more on institutional responses at the organizational level to balance the conflicting logics and overlooked the logics on the ground (at the individual level).

Responding to this gap, our research will investigate (1) the evidence of pre-existing and emerging institutional logics in the Higher Education Partnerships Field in Vietnam, (2) the influences of new institutional logics on the re-creation of academics’ professional identity, and (3) the mediating role of such professional identity reconstruction (identity work) on to the occurrence of institutional change.