Research Focus

The ARC Accountability Research Cluster in KBS has a focus on accountability, power and trust within an over-arching frame of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Common Good. Our work addresses issues of expertise in society, the socially constitutive role of accounting, and the way in which accounting and forms of accountability mediate and shape how we understand and respond to risk.  

Ongoing research within the cluster addresses these broad themes in domains including tax practice, credit risk, history of the professions, language in mainstream and social media, ethics and expertise and gender issues.  

The cluster is interdisciplinary in its approach, with experience and expertise from sociology, accounting, history, risk management, linguistics, visual design and marketing.

ARC Research Cluster

CSEAR Ireland Conference 2021 

The Arc Accountability Cluster is delighted to host the 3rd CSEAR Ireland Conference on October 21, 2021, on the theme of Building (back?) for the Common Good. The conference will feature a panel discussion on the theme with Ben Philips, Charles Cho and Kathryn Haynes, as well as the presentation of academic work on the topic.

CSEAR Ireland Programme, and full call for papers here.




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