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PPP Research Group Members

Privatisation and PPP Research Group Members


Eoin Reeves | Senior Lecturer | Department of Economics

Eoin is the Director of P4. His research interests centre on market-based reforms of the public sector and the regulation of infrastructure.  This includes issues such as privatisation, liberalisation, and different forms of private sector participation in the delivery of public services.

Donal Palcic | Lecturer | Department of Economics

Donal's primary area of research is in public sector economics with a particular focus on the privatisation of state-owned enterprises, public-private partnerships, infrastructure policy and productivity analysis.

Darragh Flannery | Lecturer | Department of Economics

Darragh's primary area of research is focused upon the economics of higher education policy. He also has a keen interest in labour economics, productivity analysis, and teaching and learning methods within economics.

Tom Turner | Associate Professor | Department of Personnel & Employment Relations

Tom's research interests include trade union organisation, trade union strategies and labour/management issues, and international developments in HRM.

James Ryan | Lecturer | Department of Accounting & Finance

James's research interests include wealth management, international corporate finance and banking and portfolio management.

Dermot McCarthy | Senior Lecturer in Economics | Bournemouth University (UK)

Dermot's research focuses on public-sector economics, theory of the firm, public-sector industrial relations, employee share-ownership, and employee psychology.