The main objectives of the Euro-Asia Centre are:

  • to advance Asian and European business, socio-cultural and technical relations through research, consultancy and educational programmes;
  • to serve as a resource centre for those who seek to understand the trade and competitiveness problems facing Europe and Asia in an increasingly globalised world economy;
  • to build positive relations between Europe and Asia by fostering economic development.

Professor Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan, PhD 
Director, Euro-Asia Centre,
Department of Economics, KBS

Professor Edward Moxon Browne, 
Department of Politics, UL

Dr Martin Mullins, 
Department of Accounting and Finance, KBS

Current projects at the Euro-Asia Centre cover the following areas:

  • International Technology Transfer and the Dynamic Impact of the 5th EU Enlargement on ASEAN
  • Determinants of Life Insurance Consumption in India 
  • The EU Asia Strategy - The cases of ASEAN and South Korea 
  • Technology Transfer to China - A Critical Assessment 
  • Political risk and Japanese Investment in China 
  • Keiretsu - Its relevance to and impact on contemporary EU 
  • Economic relations between the EU and South Korea (intra industry and intra-firm trade) 
  • EU-India economic and political relations 
  • European Equity Markets and Money Markets Interlinkages 
  • Family Networks' Impact on SME Development in Albania 
  • Re-estimating Japan's Economic Growth during the "Lost Decade" 
  • Increasing Global Interdependency and vulnerability - Examining the EU-US- China triangle 
  • International Information Flows and Economic Growth in Japan since the 1880s 
  • Socio-economic development in the Bandung countries since 1960 
  • Energy co-operation in East Asia - Lessons from the EU

The Centre is also participating in a joint Asia-Link project with other European and Asian Universities, entitled "Internationally Co-ordinated Curriculum Development for Modules in Intercultural Communication." For more information, see the ICCD Project Website.


  • Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan, PhD, Professor of Economics
  • Edward Moxon Browne, PhD, Professor of Politics
  • Martin Mullins, PhD, Lecturer in Insurance
  • Ju Hu, PhD, visiting researcher (2007-2008), Pingdingshan Institute of Technology, PRC
  • Anne Coulon, PhD student
  • Esmeralda Gassie, PhD student
  • Denis Kan, Associated Researcher
  • Orlaith McMahon, PhD student
  • Lucia Morales, PhD student
  • Tomoko Oikawa, PhD student
  • Anuradha Sharma, PhD student
  • Utai Uprasen, PhD student
  • John Lannon, Associated Researcher


  • Research at the Euro-Asia Centre is conducted in close association with Seoul National University (South Korea), Dresden University (Germany), Beijing Institute of Technology (PRC), Dhaka University (Bengladesh), Université Paul Valéry of Montpellier (France), Hitotsubashi University (Japan), Université du Havre (France), Queen's University (UK), Melbourne University (Australia), Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok (Thailand), and the Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI, Paris).


The Euro-Asia Centre receives funding from the following sources:

  • University of Limerick Foundation Research Seed Fund
  • An Bord Tráchtála and Enterprise Ireland//CNRS
  • EU Commission (EU-China Higher Education Programme and Asia Link Project)
  • ASEM Duo Fellowship Program

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