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Department of Accounting & Finance

The Department of Accounting & Finance comprises faculty working in the disciplines of accounting, risk management, finance, and taxation. The research activity in the department is therefore varied and includes work on risk management with a focus on weather risk and nanotechnology, capital markets exploiting the world-class trading floor facility of the KBS, ethics and the tax profession, international and multinational taxation policy, corporate social responsibility, professional self-regulation, critical accounting research, corporate governance, remuneration policies, sustainability, aviation finance, behavioural finance, and finance in the medical field.

Faculty in the Department are committed to research, reflected in the growth in the number of articles published in international refereed journals and the number of doctoral degrees awarded.  The participation of faculty in international conferences has increased.  The Department has strong links with industry, the professional bodies, and the public sector.

The Department has created an attractive research environment and there are particular competencies around the themes of global financial markets and public policy and sustainability. Academic staff are actively researching under the KBS research themes of Public Policy, Enterprise, Governance & Sustainability, the Services Economy & Tourism, and  Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Marketing.

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