Mr Mohana's Ph.D. research work involves design, synthesis and characterization of novel porous Metal Organic materials (MOMs) via a crystal engineering-based approach. Research activities have focused on in-situ characterization of porous materials for better understanding of their structural dynamics which undergo either breathing and switching phenomena upon various stimuli. Mainly focused on improving the working capacity of adsorbed nature gas (ANG, clean energy) for safe storage/delivery, also includes medicinal gases such as NO, O2 etc. Further, generate benchmark materials for industrially important gas mixture separations for example, C2H2/C2H4, C2H4/C2H6, C2H2/CO2. This new approach to gas storage/separations will address the large energy footprint, cost and/or risk associated with existing technologies.


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Current Ph.D. Student in the University of Limerick - began in 2015. MS.c in Chemistry from Bangalore University in 2013. BS.c in Chemistry from Bangalore University in 2011.