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Sustainability Model

UL’s strategic approach will see the SDGs embedded across every facet of university life. This is crucial to ensure deep meaningful engagement and alignment across the whole organisation.

Leadership, Staff and Governance

  1. To map our current organisational structures and processes against the UN Framework. 
  2. To ensure the SDGs are implemented through embedding each SDG in university governance structures, processes, and policies. 
  3. To collectively identify a set of key measures against the SDG’s which are closely aligned to our strategic plan. 
  4. To undertake initiatives and actions as outlined in the work programme approved by the Steering Group. 
  5. To contribute to the annual university report on performance against the UN SDGs Framework. 
  6. To actively promote the SDGs and pioneer new university-wide initiatives. 

Campus Community and Operations

  1. To continue to develop our campus and our other sites in line with the principles of sustainable development.
  2. To measure the key environmental impact of our campus and to set ambitious goals to improve our performance.
  3. To apply new methods and approaches to address the integration of organic locally sourced foods, clean water, renewable energy, transport solutions and circular waste across our campus.
  4. To protect, monitor and improve the bio-diversity of our campus.

Learning, Research and Students

  1. To provide students and staff with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to understand and address the SDGs.
  2. To pioneer new campus-wide programs.
  3. To equip learners to act as future change agents.
  4. To provide accessible, affordable and inclusive education to all.
  5. To provide capacity building for students and professionals from developing countries.
  6. To pioneer and share new knowledge and evidence-based solutions that address the SDGs.
  7. To co-develop societal impact metrics and models.
  8. To partner with innovative external stakeholders to co-design, develop and implement SDG solutions.
  9. To design and develop student training for sustainability development research.

Partnership, Society and Engagement

  1. To continue to develop public engagement and participation in addressing the SDGs (academia, government, industry and civil society).
  2. To initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral dialogue and action.
  3. To ensure higher education sector representation in national and international implementation (National SDG Stakeholder Forum).
  4. To co-design SDG based policies, and demonstrate sector commitment to the SDGs.