Transparent Sustainability Journey

The complexity of achieving sustainability- led missions requires new forms of data capture and insight generation.

DIGITAL CAMPUS COMMONS                       

'Digital Campus Commons' is one of the 21 Missions. This mission sees UL adopt a data-driven approach to baselining, monitoring, and reporting on the university's sustainability journey. In doing so, mission progress will become more accurately measured and decisions supported by real-time intelligence. With this mission, UL commits to transparently report and share its sustainability journey through a university digital twin.


Digital twins are virtual copies of physical entities that can be used to simulate, test, and optimize various scenarios and outcomes. For a university, digital twins can provide a powerful tool to track, measure and communicate its sustainability journey.

By creating a digital twin of the campus, facilities, operations, and activities, UL can collect and analyze data on various mission metrics, such as carbon emissions, active mobility, food production, and biodiversity. Digital twins can also help the university identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement, as well as evaluate the impact of different interventions and solutions.

Furthermore, digital twins can enable a university to transparently report its sustainability progress to its stakeholders, such as students, staff, alumni, industry partners and regulators.

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