Professor Tewfik Soulimane received his B.Sc. (Dip.-Ing.) in Chemical Engineering (1985), M.Sc. (Dipl.-Chem.) in Chemistry (1988) and Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) degrees (1993) from the Technical University RWTH-Aachen, Germany. In close collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, he received the Habilitation award from the RWTH-Aachen in 2000. In 2001, Prof. Soulimane joined the Swiss Light Source, Villigen, Switzerland, as group leader before moving to a faculty position at the University of Limerick in 2005.  


Professor Soulimane has also served as Chair for Molecular Structural Biology, Head of Department of Chemical Sciences, Head of School of Natural Sciences, and managing director of the MOSAIC research group within the University. He also directed the Industrial Biochemistry course for a decade, led the Health theme of the MSSI and established the highly successful Biomaterials Cluster at the Bernal Institute.  


Professor Soulimane's research activities have focused upon understanding the structure/function relationship of selected eukaryotic and prokaryotic membrane proteins making major contributions to the field of Bioenergetics. The unravelling of the crystal structures of the thermophilic cytochrome c oxidases ba3 and caa3 are recognised as monumental findings in Science. Prof. Soulimane has earned research awards from the Materials and Surface Science Institute, and from the president of the University of Limerick for his scientific contributions. His research group encapsulates a broad range of multidisciplinary collaboration and contributes expertise in the areas of biochemistry, micro- and cell biology.  


Selected Key Publications:

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Selected Review Articles

  1. Koutsoupakis C, Soulimane T, Varotsis C (2019) Discrete Ligand Binding and Electron Transfer Properties of ba3-Cytochrome c Oxidase from Thermus thermophilus: Evolutionary Adaption to Low Oxygen and High Temperature Environments. Acc. Chem. Res. 52(5) 1380-1390.
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