Four female UL students wearing pink Anytime of the Month branded T-shirts
UL students Hannah Hegarty, Kelly Tobin, Catriona O'Halloran and Aine Crowley.
Friday, December 3, 2021

The University of Limerick has today announced that it will be providing free period products on campus as it joins the fight against period poverty.

The initiative to provide period products on campus was started by UL students, who created the Any Time of the Month campaign. Their work in highlighting and establishing supports to alleviate period poverty has since expanded to working with gynaecologists, doctors and nurses to offer unbiased medical information about periods and period health to students.

A number of businesses have signed up to the programme to provide period products in the workplace and the campaign team have conducted workshops with 21 third level student unions across Ireland. These institutions are now part of the network and are providing period products free of charge.

UL President Professor Kerstin Mey said: “I am so proud of the incredible group of engaged and socially aware UL students who have become change-makers in their community with the development of the Any Time of the Month campaign. The university is following in their lead to ensure we have supports in place to alleviate the effects of period poverty.”

Research by Anytime of the Month found that one in two teenagers in Ireland are impacted by period poverty, while one in three students in third level education are also afflicted by it.

Furthermore, their study reported that 75% of people have gone longer than the recommended four hours wearing a sanitary product due to lack of money or lack of access to them, posing a risk to long-term health.

Co-Project Lead of Anytime of the Month Catriona O'Halloran said: “Anytime of the Month started in UL to support students and now to have established the provision of free period products is the long-term change we always hoped to achieve. This is a huge step forward for everyone in the UL community. Our initiatives have now reached all across Ireland but we are very proud of our UL roots and its fantastic to have the support of the University.”

University of Limerick is making period products available for free for students across the campus, including at the main reception and in the Stables bar. In addition, the University is fully supporting the Anytime of the Month ally badge system, which aims to create a network of ‘friendly strangers’ at the University, who can help if someone is in need of sanitary products.

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