What is FileSender?

FileSender is a way to share large files with anyone. It works through your web browser to send a file to any email address. FileSender can send files up to 500 GB. This considerable sending power allows users to transfer large files with ease.

Files sent by FileSender are available for download for up to 30 days after sending. Files can be downloaded an unlimited amount of times over this period.

There is no cost associated with using this service, and is provided by HEAnet.

Who can use this service?

UL staff and students can use this service to share files with colleagues and other students, and they can also share files with third-parties using a voucher service.

Examples of use cases

FileSender can be used to transfer both large and small files rapidly. Below are some examples of files which exceed email attachment limitations, but which FileSender can be used to transfer.

  • High resolution images
  • Large data sets, in the 100s of gigabytes.
  • Extensive database files
  • HD video files

End-to-End Encryption

FileSender has an optional security feature that allows end-to-end encryption. The encryption is done in your browser so FileSender never has visibility of your unencrypted files, lowing you to transfer sensitive data securely.

How to use filesender

Additional information and where to get support

Queries regarding how to use this service should be directed to HEAnet – email: noc@heanet.ie