In recognition of the important role of technology in shaping the educational landscape, a Digital Governance Steering Committee (DGSC) was formed in UL in 2022 to support the strategic prioritisation of the University’s investment in its IT and digital infrastructure. 

The DGSC, which is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee, advises on the management of digital platforms, reviews IT and digital project initiatives and reports on progress to the Executive Committee.

It also provides ongoing recommendations for critical issues and risks related to cyber security and ensures current and future projects are aligned with UL’s strategic goals.

Key role of the Digital Governance Steering Committee:

The DGSC is a subcommittee of the UL Executive Committee and agrees to its Programme of Work on an annual and/or longer-term basis before submitting it for noting to the Executive Committee. The key roles of the DGSC are:

- To review enterprise level digital/IT and business project initiatives and to prioritise projects accordingly.

- To review progress on and delivery of all approved projects and report on these to the Executive Committee.

- To advise on matters relating to the ongoing management of the digital platforms/systems ecosystem.

- To review current and previous digital/IT strategies in the context of all future digital development projects aligned with the university’s strategic plan.

- To provide the executive governance oversight for critical issues and risks related to IT and cyber security.

Digital Governance Steering Committee members

The Digital Governance Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the university including the:

  • Chief Financial and Performance Officer (Chair)
  • Director ITD (Deputy Chair)
  • Provost and Deputy President
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Vice President of Research
  • Director HR
  • 2 x Executive Deans (nominated by the President)
  • Deputy Director ITD
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Associate VP Academic Services
  • Other stakeholders as requested by the Chair from time to time to attend meetings of the committee for a specific period or project.

Digital Governance Steering Committee Prioritisation Process

To help with the prioritisation of digital and IT infrastructure projects in UL, a new process has also been developed to categorise initiatives under specific criteria such as mandatory projects, priority development, improvement projects and maintenance. 

IT Strategy 2022 - 2027

University of Limerick (UL) is a research-led institution, renowned for its commitment to innovation, excellence in education and collaboration with industry. To support the University in it's vision to be a leading educational institution, an ambitious five year plan for information technology was launched under the UL Enable IT Strategy. 

UL Enable IT Strategy 2022-27