Social Accountability in Health Professions Education Seminar

Online January 14th 2022, 1pm



Speakers include: 

Prof. Bob Wollard: "Social Mission of Health Professions Education - Development of the Social Accountability Concept" and "Aspire Award"

Dr. Charles Boelen: "Providing Evidence of Social Accountability for an Academic Institution"

Dr. Mohamed Elhassan Elsayed: "Social Accountability: Practical Aspects"

Mr. Nick Torres - "Institutional Self-Assessment Social Accountability Tool (ISAT) Recognition


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Post Event Update

The UL School of Medicine conference on ‘Social Accountability’ on 14th January 2022 was an excellent success with hugely rich discussion and learning. 

Health Sciences Academy Manager, Miriam McCarthy presented on ‘The Story of Diabetes’. This is one of the key projects of the Health Sciences Academy bringing research, student and clinical practice expertise together to address challenges in management of type 2 diabetes in the Mid-West.

Miriam's Presentation

Early Careers Event 1st and 2nd March 2022

Post Event Update


Over 10,000 TY students/5th Year Students joined us over the the 2 event. Our objective was to share the variety of healthcare careers, what it is like to work in the acute hospital and community settings, and indeed what it is like to study as a student in University of Limerick. We heard about entry requirements, subject choices and alternative routes to securing your career of choice. Our guest speakers too spoke of their career journeys, how they have dealt with challenges and what enabled them to rise to the top of their game.

A career in healthcare is such a rewarding career, with continual learning, career development opportunities and the ability to work in a variety of settings, at home and abroad. Key themes of teamwork, friendship and flexibility all came through during our event. So as you consider where to next, remember not to give up, be brave, don’t be afraid to fail and most of all, have fun and enjoy the journey!

The recordings of the event are all available on:…