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Innovation and Research

Health Research Institute

The HRI is a cross-faculty institute that brings together researchers in UL and its partner institutions, with a focus on convergent and translational health research.

Clinical Research Unit

This overarching research body is jointly governed by the University of Limerick and the UL Hospitals Group.

Clinical Research Support Unit

The CRSU maximises the impact of the research activities of the HRI by establishing partnerships with other institutions locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Rapid Innovation Unit

Developing, delivering and coordinating a programme for clinical immersion based health technology development. 

National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)

The primary goal of the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is to advance and support high quality health-related research and to promote evidence-based healthcare delivery. 

Regional Medical Library

The Regional Medical Library located in CERC, University Hospital Limerick, is available to HSE Mid-West staff or students on placement in one of the ULHG Hospitals.