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The Health Sciences Academy aims to drive innovation in health care delivery and practice by harnessing UL’s research, technology and education capacity.

Another key aim of the academy is to encourage and develop an innovation and creative mindset and culture, through innovation, creativity and leadership education. and to ensure that we have a clear pathway mapped for innovation and creativity.

The Rapid Innovation Unit, which involves using both top-down and clinical immersion, and the continued development of industry-led programmes. The aim of this work stream is to develop innovation in health care practice involving collaboration between clinicians, researchers and leading medical device companies. This unit will act as a catalyser platform that will support clinicians and researchers to build and deliver successful projects, consortia and proposals in innovative healthcare through the following actions: technology scanning and evaluation; concept mining and development; matching clinicians to researchers.

Innovation Projects

  1. Rapid Innovation Unit (RIU)
  2. Enabling an innovation and creativity culture
  3. Process-based Innovation and Healthcare delivery

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