Yes, you are welcome to sign up and attend the workshops.

Yes, there are is a broad range of workshops that all researchers will benefit from. Even the most experienced researcher will need to brush up on their skills from time to time. We also offer a number of advanced workshops for those who have taken part in basic training in the past. You can attend as many or as few of the workshops as you wish, but to achieve the digital badge you do need to achieve 10 credits and attend 1 "lunch and learn".

Yes, research assistants are eligible.

PhD students cannot achieve the Researcher Development Programme Digital Badge. However, if places are available at any workshops or talks we will invite PhD students to attend.

Workshops/Training courses count for one credit.

3 * Lunchtime talks =1 credit

A digital badge is the award granted to though who have completed the Researcher Development Programme. This badge can be added to you email signature to show that you have completed this programme. 

Support from your PI is essential. Your PI should help inform your choice of workshops.

Your PI will also be offered supports through this programme.

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