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Plan your academic experience

Plan your Summer School experience

Spend three weeks with us in the University of Limerick, immersing yourself in a unique academic and cultural experience. With more than 20 years' experience of running summer schools, we aim to provide you with a fun, engaging and memorable study abroad experience in an informal, safe and friendly atmosphere

Our Summer School programme includes:

  • A unique immersive academic and cultural experience, with the opportunity to pursue your academic interests
  • Guaranteed accommodation on campus.
  • Opportunity to explore Ireland with cultural and historical field trips
  • A social programme including welcome reception, social events and traditional Irish music and dancing.
  • Airport transfers from Shannon Airport to our UL campus.
  • Membership to our UL Sports facilities
  • Excursions
  • Farewell BBQ

Summer School Students: start your academic journey

What are the academic entry requirements?

Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.9 from their current home university.  An official transcript outlining obtained grades are required for applications.

When should you apply?

Application dates:

What is on offer?

In UL, we offer a wide range of Summer School classes.  You can choose classes from Education & Health Sciences, Business Studies, Law & Irish Studies.

How do I choose my classes?

You choose one class from the range of classes on offer.  Class allocation is based on a first come basis.


Summer school students choose one of the options listed below

Education and Health Science

Developing Self as a Healthcare Practicioner 

School of Nursing & Midwifery

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This summer school provides a unique opportunity for students across a variety of disciplines to develop a greater awareness of the self in transforming practice. it will explore strategies for developing individual and collaborative approaches within contemporary healthcare practice. Incorporating Celtic spiritual dimension to healthcare and gaining insights through reflection. It aims to foster an engaged connected learning environment in the spirit of creativity, dialogue and diversity.

Physical Education Sports Science

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/ 3 US

Active Body, Active Mind: Integrating Theory into Practice

It is well established that regular physical activity has enormous health benefits. Conversely, sedentary lifestyle leads to increased morbidity and mortality yet an astounding number of individuals remain sedentary.

In this module you will learn to examine the application of psychological strategies, concepts and theories in exercise and physical activity settings.

Additionally, you will identify and seek to address the underlying mechanisms for behaviour change (i.e., increased physical activity) so that interventions that can be disseminated and make a real and lasting difference.

On completing this module, you will have developed an understanding of interventions and initiatives that increase and maintain physical activity involvement and also you will be able to conduct a needs assessment with respect to your own lifestyle behaviours using a variety of methods.

Business Studies

International financial Markets and Trading - Bloomburg Certification (BESS & BMC)

Kemmy Business School

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This summer school provides an introduction to international financial markets and emphasises the investment decision process as framed by behavioural finance. The use of real-time sophisticated trading and investment software will allow the student to gain experience and a commanding view of the global financial arena.

Bloomburg Certificates are awarded to attendees as well as an official transcript.


Terrorism, Crime and Justice

School of Law

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Terrorism represents one of the most challenging international crimes in contemporary times.  This summer school will introduce students to the criminal justice system and theories relating to crime and terrorism. It will include and introduction to criminological and penological theories. In particular drawing on Irish experience, students will be provided with an insight into trends and theories on terrorism.

Irish Studies

Irish Life and Literature

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Analyse and contextualise the culture, history and traditions of modern Ireland. Assesses writers, explores social, political and economic developments and discusses folklore, music and song.

Sociological Perspective on Irish Society

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Irish society has experienced a period of rapid social, cultural, economic and ideological change. Society in Ireland changed rapidly due to an economic boom and then a national and international financial crisis. This school illustrates how to use a sociological lens to increase understanding of the challenges and contradictions faced by contemporary Irish Society.

Creative Writing: Short Fiction

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Students will explore elements of short fiction through analysing their use in a range of well-known short stories and through short written exercises designed to help students master a range of different strategies in creating plots, settings, characters, themes, dialogue, and other fictional elements.

Sacred Space: Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Ireland on Screen

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Landscape, ethnography, and visual culture come together on this course, in which the students will examine why Ireland is so often used as a backdrop to films. Students will see how multi-layered understandings of culture, landscape and film technique produce entertaining and yet complex readings of sacred, spiritual and alien worlds. Includes boat tour around Skelligs.

Ireland's Myths and Legends

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Ireland is famous for its myths and legends, stories of mythical creatures and ancient tales of heroes and warriors.Students will gain a knowledge of the importance of mythology and will learn to appreciate Ireland's literary and cultural history more fully.

Modern Irish Theatre

Duration: 3 weeks

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Irish theatre from the beginning of the Irish Literary Theatre in 1899 to 1999. This course will provide an introduction to Irish drama in the 20th Century as well as explore the relationship of Irish nationalism and Irish theatre. Students will attend professional theatre productions in Dublin and Galway.

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Registering for your module

The Study Abroad team will register students for their chosen module post arrival in UL


An official University of Limerick transcript will be issued to your home institution within one month of the publication of results.