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International Summer School Modules

What Modules Are On Offer?

In the University of Limerick, we offer a varied range of Summer School classes. We are delighted to bring you some new module choices for Summer 2022.

Students will pre-select two or three modules from the range of classes on offer, one of which they will study. The class allocation is based on a first-come basis.

Please click on "Learn More" to view the syllabus.

CU4023 - Taking Action; Campaigning for Social Justice

Explore a range of global issues in areas including climate change, migration, identity and inclusion, well-being and mental health, and to develop knowledge and strategies in relating to building and running a high impact social media campaign.

TE4003 - Irish Traditions, Folklore and Culture

Join this module for a journey of mythical stories and cultural themes, and participate in workshops on Irish dancing, hurling and storytelling. Students can immerse themselves in an Irish, cultural experience, experiencing the sights and sounds of Ireland

HU5043 - Modern Irish Theatre

This module will offer students an opportunity to explore Irish theatre from the beginning of the Irish Literary Theatre in 1899 to 1999. This course will provide an introduction to Irish drama in the 20th Century as well as explore the relationship between Irish nationalism and Irish theatre in a supportive and guided environment.

HU5000 - Irish Life & Literature

This module will offer students an opportunity to explore, analyse and contextualise the culture, history and traditions of modern Ireland.  You will assesse writers, explores social, political and economic developments and discusses folklore, music and song in a supportive and guided environment. 

NM4001 - Developing Self as a Healthcare Practitioner

This module will explore strategies for developing individual and collaborative approaches within the contemporary healthcare practice. Incorporating Celtic spiritual dimension to healthcare and gaining insights through reflection. 

FI4000 - International Financial Markets and Trading

This module introduces students to international financial markets with an emphasis on the investment decision process, as framed by behavioural finance. Experience of active investment trading using the KBS Trading Floor, a simulated trading environment. 

LA4000- Terrorism, Crime, and Justice

This module will introduce students to the criminal justice system and theories relating to crime and terrorism. It will include an introduction to criminological and penological theories.