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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

We welcome visiting students who wish to spend a semester, or a year abroad & gain academic credits for their time spent at The University of Limerick.

An essential part of studying abroad is for you to experience the local culture and traditions of your host country, all while gaining an entirely new perspective on academic subjects alongside other international and Irish students.

Our academic team will support you and help you get the most out of your experience academically, socially & culturally.

Our Programmes

Semester Programme
International Summer School Programme
Freshman Programme
Why Study at UL

Read what our students have to say!

A Study Abroad Experience
"I found University of Limerick to be a good fit for me because campus was quite “homey” with a variety of business courses, extracurricular opportunities, and chances to make memories around the country and across Europe."
6 things I may have never done if I didn't Study Abroad
"I've fallen in love with Ireland - I love looking at the distance and seeing endless green hills, sheep covering the fields, stumbling upon castle ruins, casually enjoying at pint at any hour of the day and the craic of a local trad session." 
Can studying abroad change your life?
"I’ve learned that the most unexpected people can add so much to your life, and the friends I have made from all over the world have truly made my experience the best and created the memories I will remember 40 years from now."
Studying Abroad changed my perspective
"If you haven’t studied abroad and have the chance, let me join the ranks of veterans and repeat what so many told me: do it for the experience."