For over a number of years, we in UL have offered students from around the world an unforgettable Study Abroad experience.  Studying abroad is a unique time in your education and at UL, we want to be as flexible as possible to ensure our incoming Study Abroad Students have the option to make the most of their experience while studying here with us.

  • Flexible learning where you can select from a broad range of subjects from across our four faculties.
  • Full class integration coupled with academic support.
  • A dedicated Study Abroad support team to help you get the most from your time in UL.

Semester Dates

Autumn Semester - 2023/24

Spring Semester - 2023/24

Orientation - 04 September to 08 September Orientation - 22 January to 26 January
Classes - 11 September to 22 December Classes - 29 January to 20 May
Exams - 08 December to 22 December Exams - 07 May to 20 May
Christmas Break - 22 December to 29 January Summer Break - 20 May to 31 August

Please see our academic calendar for further information here