Current Research Postgraduate Students: 

PhD: “From assessment for ranking toward assessment for learning: An action research study in preservice physical education teacher during a year-long school placement”, Supervisors names: Dr Paula Batista, Dr Amândio Graça, Professor Ann MacPhail

Funded by: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT)

Personal Profile: 

Experienced Physical Education Teacher, Technical Coordinator and Soccer Coach

  • MSc University of Porto, Faculty of Sport, 2017;
  • BSc Physical Education and Sport at University Institute of Maia 

Moura, A., Graça, A., MacPhail, A., & Batista, P. (2020). Aligning the principles of assessment for learning to learning in physical education: A review of literature, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, DOI: 10.1080/17408989.2020.1834528