What is it?

The UL University of Sanctuary Scholarship provides tuition fee waivers (i.e. no fees) to first-time higher education applicants who identify as a refugee, asylum seeker or a person in a refugee-like situation as defined by the UNHCR 1951 Refugee Convention and who have made an application for International Protection.  The Scholarship only applies for Undergraduate Programmes and Mature Student Access Certificate.

Who should apply?

  1. International Protection Applicants who have applied through the CAO to any full-time undergraduate programme in UL as a Leaving Certificate, QQI or Mature Student applicant.
  2. International Protection Applicants who have applied for the Mature Student Access Certificate in UL.

Eligibility criteria and the selection process

Before making an application for a Scholarship please ensure that you meet our eligibility criteria as follows, and be able to prove that:

  • You are an international protection applicant, or have been granted Refugee Status, Subsidiary Protection or Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) as a result of your application for International Protection, where evidence has been provided.
  • You have applied through the CAO for a place on a full-time undergraduate course in UL as a Leaving Certificate, QQI or Mature Student applicant or have applied for the Mature Student Access Certificate in UL.
  • You are not currently eligible for ‘free fees’ for a full-time undergraduate course or for a SUSI fee grant

2024/2025 University of Sanctuary Application process will open in April/May 2024.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should apply for a scholarship, please read the Guidance Notes below or contact: ULSanctuary@ul.ie.

Other Information

All displaced Ukrainian nationals in receipt of Temporary Protection, looking to apply for a place in Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for the 2023/24 academic year, should do so by applying through the Central Applications Office (CAO) at www.cao.ie. A list of the courses is available at www.cao.ie/courses

As part of the CAO process, you will be required to confirm whether your entry is on the basis of the 2023 Leaving Certificate results. In all other cases, your application will be based on any academic documentation (such as English Language competency certificate, Ukrainian school tests etc.).

Ukrainian applicants who apply for an undergraduate programme and who do not have Temporary Protection in Ireland are to apply directly to the University via the Online application form: Apply to UL | University of Limerick

Guidance for Displaced Ukrainian Students for September 2023 Entry and beyond – Irish Universities Association (IUA) Press Release

Applications Closed