Congratulations on receiving your offer letter from the University of Limerick!

You can accept your offer by paying your €600 acceptance deposit. Please note, your acceptance deposit will be deducted from your full tuition.

Please check your offer letter carefully to determine if there are any academic or English language conditions attached. If you received a conditional offer letter, the letter will specify the examinations you must undertake and the results you must achieve to satisfy the requirements. As soon as you have completed the examinations and received the results stated on your offer letter, please submit the results through your application portal. Offers only become unconditional once these documents have been verified.

Conditional offer letters will suffice if you are applying for a visa.

  • Passport/Travel Documents: Pack your travel documents, passport and offer letter in your hand luggage. Do not pack them into suitcases that will be stowed as you will need to present them at the airport immigration desk. You should make a copy of all the documents and pack the copies separately from the originals. It's also a good idea to leave a copy of the documents at home with your parent/guardian.
  • Visa: Get your visa to enter Ireland (if required) well in advance. Please check with the Irish Government to see if you require a visa and for further visa information.
  • Offer Letter: Bring your original offer letter with you as you may be asked to produce it when entering Ireland.
  • Medical Insurance:Purchasing medical insurance is an immigration requirement for non-EEA students. There are a number of private medical insurance companies in Ireland offering health cover. We recommend purchasing medical insurance through Arachas Corporate Brokers (formerly known as O'Driscol O'Neill). Arachas offer a number of plans tailored to non-EEA international students. INIS guidelines for health insurance
  • Tuition Fees: Be sure to pay your tuition fees in advance. Fees may be paid online.
  • Register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau: All international students are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) on arrival in Ireland.
  • Sufficient Funds: The GNIB will need to see proof that you have sufficient funds for one year at the time you register.
  • Accommodation: Have you booked accommodation for your duration at UL? On-campus accommodation can be booked in advance through the Accommodation Office.
  • Contact Details: Before you leave home, give your contact details and Irish address to a family member or friend so that they can contact you easily.
  • Prescription Medicine: If you are taking prescription medicine, please be sure to bring it with you.

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of your studies at UL, please contact a member of the UL Global team via email: